Privacy Policy:

The Azeez offers and ads app alongside the dashboard. The App will allow brands to add offers/ads and target them to specific users based on gender, age, and place. Users will get notified of the offer/ad and get paid a small amount of money to view the offer. The user can now go ahead to redeem the offer.

Active Ads:

It is guidelines for ads that is acceptable or not acceptable when Brand place ads to our platform it reviewed by our admin then decided it is ok

Ads offer license:

Our Brand can have more than one ads but if the Brand well make an offer to his ads it Must have a license for the offer and it depends on the law of the country that offers will be in it

Payment Withdrawal:

The Brand can pay or withdrawal the money by the common gateway payment like (PayPal or Visa or MasterCard or STC pay) Influencers can only withdrawal by day 200$ by (PayPal or Visa or MasterCard or STC pay) Also, they can be some VAT on pay or withdrawal.

User Account verification:

After Brand registered for the first time he can register by using his email or one of social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter and he can only have 6 accounts only by the same email and can recover it if he loses it by contacting the admin email The influencers can register for only one account and can recover it if he loses it by contacting the admin email

Redeem policy:

Any person who obtains points can be an influencer and in case of obtaining more than 100 points can be replaced by money or gift card By giving your opinion in an ad you can get 200 points.

Information Collection and Use:

To have better performance when using we will need to be provided with certain personal information and the information will be put into the personal privacy policy of the application is described. The application uses a third-party service for the purpose of gathering information

Log Data:

We want to inform you that every time you use our sites, in the event of an error, we collect data and information and information such as the protocol address are present in the phone device, device name and issue, and date and time of use.

Intellectual property rights:

This service is registered as intellectual property rights and global innovation and the attempt to copy or imitate or implement part or parts of it either as an individual or as a member of establishment/Co or establishment/Co without the consent of the owner is infringing or exposing you to the legal issue


Is a small piece of text stored on your computer when you visit any website or app. They are not programs and cannot be opened and do not carry any viruses - but the reverse is working as a passport where the site is verified and updated at each visit. Functions include the following: • Verify your identity for security purposes • Determine the type of browser you are using and its settings • Allow site owners and external advertisers to determine which ad is right for you.

Service suppliers:

Any third-party company may use the services for the following reasons: • To make the services easier • Provide services on behalf of Aziz • Work services data link us • Assist in service analysis


We appreciate your confidence in providing us with your personal information and therefore we will strive to use All commercially acceptable means to protect you. But remember that there is no way to connect to the Internet, or that the electronic storage method will be secure, and we can not guarantee absolute security to you

Links to different Sites:

You may be privileged to have a link to other sites and when you click on the link you are directed to that site and we do not have the integrity of those sites We have no control over the sites and do not take any responsibility for the content sites, privacy policies or practices

Children’s Privacy:

Any person over the age of 13 years is entitled to use Aziz and we collect any information from any person under the age of 13 and if registration was made for a 13-year-old person, his data is deleted from Aziz's servers. If you are a parent you must know that the information is not stored of minors

Changes to the current Privacy Policy:

Always make the necessary challenges to the policy of privacy from the other You should review the page periodically and are informed of any change to the publication of the privacy policy on the page and be in effect after publication.

Contact Us:

If you have any suggestions concerning our Privacy Policy, don't hesitate to contact